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"Gakumon Game" -Playable Textbooks-


About us

Company Name : tanQ inc.

Establishment : December, 2014

Founder : Junichi Shioya

Number of Employee : 6

Head Office : 

4-10-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

151-0051, Japan


What is "Gakumon Game"?

"Gakumon Game" is an exploratory board game material that allows children to learn while having fun playing. There are games in a variety of fields, including “Atom Monsters” in the field of chemistry, history, economics, kanji, and more. This is an entertaining teaching material and can bring out children's curiosity and excitement. Digital versions as well as analog versions are now available.


How many Gakumons are there?

We have covered 24 academic fields so far.

Each academic field is converted into a fun Gakumon Game.

Currently, two themes, "Atoms and Molecules" and "Immune System", are available in English.

What we offer

Gakumon Game consists of cards, textbook and movies.

Once you choose with which you want to entertain children, you receive sets of cards, textbook and movies for each child.

Please check here for the details.

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Interested in our products?

Please feel free to contact us :)

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